Pekingese Calendars

Order 2017 Pekingese dog desk and wall calendars online in a variety of designs!

Pekingese 2016 Wall Calendar
Pekingese 2016 Wall Calendar

This courageous little dog gets its name from the ancient Chinese city of Peking, modern-day Beijing. According to Chinese legend, the Pekingese is the offspring of a lion and a monkey! With its distinctive flat face, dark wrinkled muzzle, and profuse coa....

Just Pekingese 2016 Wall Calendar
Just Pekingese 2016 Wall Calendar

The Pekingese is the ultimate lap dog. Twelve delightful, full-color photographs celebrate all there is to love about this devoted and irresistible breed. The large format wall calendar features six bonus months of July through December; daily grids with ....

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