Weimaraner Calendars

Order 2017 Weimaraner dog desk and wall calendars online in a variety of designs!

Weimaraners 2016 Wall Calendar
Weimaraners 2016 Wall Calendar

Big, bold, and fearless, the Weimaraner needs plenty of exercise and space. This elegant gray-coated dog is highly intelligent and thrives with an active lifestyle. Originating in Germany, the Weimaraner is a devoted watchdog. With webbed feet and a keen ....

Just Weimaraners 2016 Wall Calendar
Just Weimaraners 2016 Wall Calendar

Weimaranar ownership was once limited to European nobility.  Today, however, these handsome, playful and loyal dogs are found in the homes of folks worldwide.  Twelve dazzling, full-color photographs capture all the great traits and attributes of this wo....

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