Fairy Dog Costumes

Order Fairy Dog Costumes online in a variety of styles! Your dog will be the hit of the party when dressed up as Fairy in one of these adorable pet costumes.

Rainbow Fairy Wings Dog Costume

Rainbow Fairy Wings Dog Costume

Dressing up for Halloween is fun for everyone, and when we say everyone, we mean humans and animals. Getting a costume for your pet can be fun, but it can also be quite the task to 1) get your pet to wear a costume and 2) get them to keep that costume on. If you're worried about struggling with your pet to keep them in a costume, something like this rainbow fairy wings pet costume might be the choice for you. Your dog (or cat) will appreciate you not humiliating them with a big costume that requires it to be strapped to their legs or clinging to their body like a hug that's too tight. This simple set of rainbow fairy wings makes it quick and easy to dress up your pet. Just slide the elastic straps around their front legs and that's it! Even if they don't like wearing it, they should be able to manage long enough for you to snap some cute pictures. Avoid the hassle of wrestling with your pet to put a costume on with this rainbow fairy wings costume. They'll thank you for it.

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